Jaimie Nicole's Top 5 Bracelet Stacks for the Holidays

featureimage2a Jewelry stores everywhere love the holiday season and for good reason. It’s the perfect time of year for customers to purchase that new piece of jewelry they’ve had their eye on. Unfortunately, shopping for jewelry can at times be a difficult process. Stores may not have exactly what you’re looking for, and as a result, you’re pressured into buying something you don’t exactly love. Plus, many jewelers don’t carry a variety of pieces that match up with your distinct taste. It all adds up to a stressful experience for you. So this year, check out Jaimie Nicole’s selection for all of your jewelry for the holidays. If you’ve ever shopped at Jaimie Nicole before, you know that her bracelet stacks are one of her customer favorites. Each unique piece is created so that you can express yourself! Check out Jaimie’s top five bracelet stacks for the holiday season.

The Gaby Stack

This set of nine bracelets makes an amazing gift for a friend or yourself. The Gaby Stack contains three Gold Pave Bars with 4mm Gold Filled Beads, three Sterling Silver Pave Bars with 4mm Sterling Silver Beads and three Rose Gold Pave Bars with 4mm 14k Rose Gold Filled Beads. It doesn’t take long to see what makes The Gaby Stack one of our most popular beaded bracelets. Just throw it on with any outfit and you’ve got a chic look that’s uniquely you. The Gaby Stack - Jaimie Nicole

The Jessica Stack

This gorgeous stack is made up of 20 bracelets - a set of six 3mm 14k Gold Filled Beads, a set of six 4mm Mother of Pearl and Gold Bracelets, a set of six 4mm Onyx and Gold Bracelets, an Onyx and Mother of Pearl Gold Bar, as well as a Mother of Pearl and Onyx Gold Bar. The Jessica Stack, as with all of our stacked beaded bracelets, can be worn for every occasion! Get the most out of your jewelry with this beautiful piece. The Jessica Stack - Jaimie Nicole

The Fort Stack

Could you use some colorful jewelry? The Fort Stack contains 17 bracelets - a set of six 3mm 14k Gold Filled Beads, a set of six 4mm Onyx and Gold Bracelets, a set of three Cool Hues: Onyx, Turquoise, Sodalite and Green Onyx, in addition to a 6x8mm Onyx with Gold Ball Bracelet and a Cool Hues and Onyx Tassel Bracelet. Whatever you’ve got on while wearing this piece, make it pop with The Fort Stack! The Fort Stack - Jaimie Nicole

The Jen Stack

The Fort Stack may be more about cool colors, but The Jen Stack, on the other hand, is all about warm colors. Brighten up your jewelry with this one-of-a-kind set of 17 bracelets! The Jen Stack features a set of six 3mm 14k Gold Filled Beads, a set of six 4mm Mother of Pearl and Gold Bracelets, 6x8 Mother of Pearl and Gold Ball Bracelets, as well as a set of three Warm Hues: Carnelian, Pink Jade, Mother of Pearl and Yellow Jade. The Jen Stack - Jaimie Nicole

The Valerie Stack

Embellish yourself with The Valerie Stack this season! A set of 17 bracelets, this one contains six bracelets of 3mm 14k Gold Filled Beads, five bracelets with Faceted Onyx and Gold Beads, One Gold Pave Bar, a set of three Onyx Stone, one Gold CZ Ball and one Onyx with Gold Coins. Show off your style with stackable beaded bracelets that you can wear every day! The Valerie Stack - Jaimie Nicole Don’t miss out on these great holiday gifts or splurge and shop our bracelet stacks for yourself!

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