Jaimie Nicole, the company you know and love today, was born out of necessity. Founder and head designer Jaimie Nicole Scheiner created an opportunity out of a common personal problem. Whenever she would go shopping for bracelets, she was never able to find any that fit her tiny wrist. Determined to rock a killer arm party, Jaimie began creating custom bracelets for herself and launched Jaimie Nicole from her couch in 2010! People noticed the jewelry she was wearing, and the compliments she received gave her the confidence to pursue jewelry design as a full-time career. The incredible beaded bracelet stacks are what put Jaimie Nicole on the map. As we continue to grow and evolve, so does our jewelry. Our goal is to constantly push design boundaries and to incorporate different textures, shapes, and aesthetics in our future collections.

The most important thing to Jaimie is a happy customer, and this is reflected in the company’s core values.
  • Delight customers
  • Be Kind
  • Be a leader
  • Dream big
  • Work hard
  • Have fun
Jaimie attributes the success of Jaimie Nicole to a desire within herself to create the same confidence in others which allowed her to pursue a dream she didn’t even realize that she had. It truly lifts her spirits to see her customers smiling and excited about their jewelry purchases.

Jaimie Nicole believes in every day luxury. We strive to make easy, wearable jewelry at an attainable price point, while using quality materials such as sterling silver, 14k gold filled and semi-precious stones.

Giving back is also something that is very important to Jaimie Nicole. Throughout the years we have partnered with many local and national charities, donated jewelry for a variety of causes, taught jewelry classes, and provided young women with mentorships. We are continuously seeking out more opportunities to help and make change.

Jaimie Nicole has been gaining popularity and has been recently featured on several different television shows and magazines. Our jewelry has appeared on The Today Show twice as a part of the “Steals and Deals” segment, Deco Drive and CBS 4. Local newscasters are frequently seen rocking their Jaimie Nicole on air. Magazine is another great press opportunity for Jaimie Nicole. Indulge Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Ocean Drive Magazine, and Brickell Magazine are just a few of the publications that have featured our jewelry as a must-have. Supermodel, Adriana Lima was spotted in Harper’s Bazaar rocking a Jaimie Nicole necklace. Visit our Press page to learn more about who’s been wearing and talking about Jaimie Nicole.