Mix and Match your Jewelry with Bracelet Stacks

One of today’s jewelry trends revolves around stacking bracelets. It’s an easy way to personalize your look and express yourself. But before you get started mixing and matching your favorite bracelets, check out what jewelry pro Jaimie Nicole suggests.

Start with the basics

It sounds fairly simple to create your own bracelet stacks. You may be so excited that you want to explore your jewelry box immediately and throw on every bracelet you have at once. But the most fun and attractive stacks often result from which pieces you wear as opposed to how many. Consider your stacking journey with just three or four pieces at a time. Maybe each shares a unifying characteristic, such as all bangles but with different width and color. You can even consider mixing pieces like chains, bangles, and a cuff, but all in gold. Don’t forget about what you’re currently wearing, either. So if you’ve got an everyday watch or even a fitness tracker, you want to experiment to ensure what looks good next to it.

Mix your jewelry

While you don’t necessarily want to overdo your stacks, you still want to incorporate your own style and flair. You’ll find that the most stunning ones blend materials and colors. So go ahead and get creative with exciting color combinations, add a thick leather cuff against some chains, or even mix beaded bracelets with solid bangles.

Know when the bracelet layering is enough

There’s a definite difference between accessorizing with bracelet stacks and going over the top with them. So if you choose to wear bracelets on both your arms, it might be a good idea to wear just a few bracelets on each. It’s also important to see how the stacks pair with the outfit of your choice.   Once you’ve got your desired look, it’s time to show it off! Stacking bracelets keep your day-to-day fresh, giving you a new confidence you deserve.

Jaime Nicole’s Bracelet Stacks

Maybe it’s time to liven up your jewelry collection, and specifically your bracelets. Jaimie Nicole specializes in stylish, colorful jewelry that you will love. Discover what separates her stacks apart from the rest.

The Monica Stack

Embellish yourself with a set of 15 bracelets, including gold-filled starburst and sterling silver starburst bracelets. The Monica Stack also comes with gold-filled and sterling silver beads. Everything comes together to make a beautiful stacked beaded bracelet that provides a modern, chic look. Monica Stack - Jaimie Nicole

The Jaimie Stack

One of her favorites, the Jaimie Stack features two sets of six bracelets plus three raw turquoise stones. Both include sterling silver beads. For turquoise lovers, in particular, this is a must-have. Jaimie Stack - Jaimie Nicole

The Genna Stack

Throw on this set of 16 bracelets, which includes six bracelets of gold-filled beads, five bracelets of dalmatian jasper, one gold pave bar, a set of three onyx stone and one onyx stardust. As with so many of Jaimie’s pieces, the Genna Stack can be worn every day with any of your go-to outfits. Genna Stack - Jaimie Nicole To see more of Jaimie’s popular beaded bracelets and stackable beaded bracelets, click here.

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