Celebrating National Women's Small Business Month

Hello beauties! October is a month of celebrating women. Not only do we have Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we also have National Women’s Small Business Month. This is a month dedicated to celebrating the contributions and successes of our nation’s women small business owners. In honor of this, we have decided to give you some insight into the founder of Jaimie Nicole, Jaimie Nicole Shepard. Our company is also entirely comprised of women employees, so we are ecstatic that there is an entire month allotted to recognizing this very important demographic. Jaimie Nicole Shepard, a Miami native, began making jewelry for herself because of a common personal problem. She has very small wrists, so whenever she would try to find that perfect bracelet stack, she always had difficulty getting one that fit her just right. Fashion and design have always been passions of hers, so being the entrepreneur that she is, she saw no reason that she couldn’t source her own materials and make custom bracelets for herself. People began to take notice of the arm parties she would wear from day to day and the compliments she received gave her the confidence to start to pursue jewelry design as a full-time career. Our beaded bracelet stacks are what put Jaimie Nicole on the map, and the rest is history! With so many amazing pieces at her fingertips, you’re probably wondering which Jaimie Nicole pieces are in Jaimie’s top five. We sat down with the designer and picked her brain about her must-have pieces. Starting with bracelets is an obvious choice. This is what started it all, so you can probably guess that she is a huge fan of stacking those bracelets high. Jaimie’s perfect bracelet stack includes our Set of 6 Gold and Quartz Bracelets, our 7mm Gold Ball Bracelet, and our Gold and CZ Circle Cuff Bracelet. She first starts off with the set of 6 as a base. Then she adds the 7mm Gold Ball Bracelet in the middle of the set to add some dimension to her bracelet stack. And lastly, like the icing on the cake, she adds the circle cuff bracelet. This is one arm party that is sure to turn heads.   When it comes to earrings, she is obsessed with making a statement. These high impact pieces easily transition from day to night and make accessorizing easy and effortless. Her current favorite statement earring is our Statement Multi Color Stone Oval Earring. The vibrant stones found within this earring complement a variety of color palettes, and we know that, like Jaimie, you will get endless use out of them. Stacking is most certainly not limited to bracelets alone. Ring stacks are a coveted favorite of Jaimie Nicole. As a part of our Summer 2018 collection, Jaimie designed six different adjustable rings with varying stones that were all meant to work together as a beautiful stack. The stones include pink opal, quartz, peridot, carnelian, blue chalcedony, and beer quartz. Never the minimalist, Jaimie loves to combine every single one on the same finger, creating a mesmerizing effect. A great perk of these rings is there are so many options when it comes to stacking them. You can easily create your own personal ring stack by picking your favorite colors and mixing and matching to your heart desire! October is a great month to support women’s small businesses. Don’t be shy! We would love to see you at our Coral Gables showroom. We are located at 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd suite 305 Coral Gables, Fl 33143. We are open Monday-Friday from 1o am to 5 pm and are thrilled to help you out with all your jewelry and gifting needs. And don’t forget, a portion of all online sales made in the month of October will be donated to breast cancer research. Get to shopping! Xo, Jaimie Nicole

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