Beautiful Lengths

Summer is approaching and it is time to look the part.  We have always been very attached to our long locks, but as the humidity rises it just seems easier to chop it all off…turns out our favorite hair care line agrees!  Jaimie Nicole Shepard, our founder and head designer, has graciously decided to donate her hair to those in need.  Pantene Pro-V has been keeping our hair looking glam for years now.  So, when it was time for our fearless leader to make the cut, we knew Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program would be trustworthy.  After discussing the plan of action with her amazing hair stylist (and maybe sipping a little wine for an extra boost of courage), Jaimie let go of 8 inches of gorgeous hair that will now be made into a wig for someone battling cancer.  We would like to thank Pantene Beautiful Lengths for helping us with this project and giving everyone the chance to look as beautiful as they feel on the inside.  To learn more about how you can be a part of this cause, please visit and don’t forget to share your stories with us on twitter by tagging @JaimieNicoleS with the hashtag #PanteneBeautifulLengths! [gallery ids="8941,8934,8928,8930,8945,8938,8931"]

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