Earning our Badges

Jaimie Nicole put on our philanthropic hat this month with a little help from our local Girl Scouts.  The 9 and 10 year old girls from Howard Drive Elementary, part of the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida Troop 310, needed to fulfill certain requirements to earn their "Jeweler" badge, one of which was to speak to a Jewelry Designer.  Jaimie Nicole Shepard herself was happy to step in.  Jaimie spent the morning teaching the girls how to design their own bracelets from start to finish.  Once the troop was properly accessorized in their very own, Jaimie Nicole originals, there was even extra time for a little Q & A.  These girls are some smart, little cookies! (Get it?)  After such a great day together, it is safe to say that Girl Scout Troop 310 is our favorite group of young Jaimie Nicole fans in training.    

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  • @girlscouts We had so much fun visiting with Troop 310! #givingback #GirlScouts http://t.co/ElMbrpapiR http://t.co/moQjBmGDo6


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