In the Spotlight: Rings, Rings, Rings!

If rings are your thing then Jaimie Nicole has got you covered. Ring stacking is a huge trend that seems to be sticking around and we are not complaining! After all, stacking is our forte. So whether it’s with bracelets, rings or necklaces we have the components that are right for you. When it comes to ring stacking, toss the rule book and get creative! We like to stack, layer, mix, and match. Jaimie Nicole has a variety of rings to choose from. We have narrowed down a few must-have rings that will turn things up a notch. These rings will take any ring stack to the next level. Pave Band Rings                     Every ring stack needs a little sparkle, am I right? Our best-selling pave band rings will do just that, SPARKLE! These pave rings are made of cubic zirconia and are available in gold, sterling silver, rose gold and black. There are several ways to stack these rings. For the classic gal, we always suggest the tricolor pave band ring stack in rose gold, silver, and gold. Style tip: always place the silver in the middle to prevent the gold and rose tone from blending in. If you’re a little funkier, then the black pave band is right up your alley. You can do a lot with this ring. A customer favorite is anchoring a couple pave rings in the metal of your choice with the black ring in the middle or vice versa. If you’re a more is more kind of gal then wear all four and play with the color placement. Whichever which way you decide to stack, have fun with it, make a statement and turn heads! Mini Ball Insert Rings                   Our mini ball Jaimie Nicole rings are the perfect addition to your ring collection. They come in both in sterling silver and gold vermeil. They are the epitome of less is more. Tiny yet mighty, these rings were born to stack. When stacked, these rings become an instant must-have. Our favorite way to stack these mini ball rings is in-between pave bands mentioned above. They add an unexpected element to your stack. If you are more of a minimalist, we have a look that’s right for you. Opt for something a bit simpler like pairing several ball rings together. We love to mix and match metals. Mix in a few gold ball rings within silver and you got yourself one fun ring stack.   Statement Thick Band Rings                     New to the ring clan is Jaimie Nicole’s thick band ring. Introduced in our most recent collection, THREE SIXTY- available in polished vermeil and sterling silver. There’s no question that these rings are statement stunners and can hold their own when worn alone but why limit yourself to that? Get the wow factor by anchoring your ring stack with a couple of our new sterling silver and cubic zirconia thin band rings. It adds an unexpected twist to your ring stack and allows you to play with dimension. These two distinct rings pair nicely because the polished look of the thick band ring offsets the sparkle of the thin band ring. This ring stack will absolutely take you from day to night with ease. I know the only thing you’re thinking is.. I wish I had more fingers!!! We are totally in love with the ring trends and all the fun options we have at Jaimie Nicole. If you need any help perfected your stack, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Jaimie Nicole team. Whether it’s colorful jewelry, high-end jewelry (handmade bracelets), luxury jewelry, or chic jewelry that you can wear every day, rest assured that we have just what you’re looking for. Shop now.

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