Check Out These Five Jewelry Trends for 2017

We’re already well into 2017, but have you noticed what appear to be this year’s jewelry trends? If not, let this blog be a guide as far as what to expect.
  1. Pearls - CEO of Swoonery Jean Z. Poh explains that designers have been breathing new life into pearls and incorporating them into bolder, modern designs. Poh goes on to say that pearls are flattering for any complexion, making it one of the unique pieces in your jewelry box. If you’re interested in pearl jewelry, check out Jaimie Nicole for our selection. Let’s take our Pyrite with Freshwater Pearls Necklace, for example. This necklace remains one of our top sellers from our Twisted Pearls Collection and for good reason.
  2. Bangles - Women today are turning to layered bangles to help complete their look. Bangles serve as everyday jewelry that can provide a customized, unique style for any occasion. So if you want your jewelry this year to show off your personality but also fit your lifestyle, bangles may be the ideal choice. Be sure to browse Jaimie’s selection of bangles, including the Silver CZ Open Bangle. Adjustable and made from sterling silver, this bangle is made for stacking.
  3. Chokers - These took off in the jewelry world just last year. Women love how chokers can be the perfect complement to the trendy off-the-shoulder look. All you have to decide is what kind of design you prefer. We have over a dozen chokers available on Jaimie Nicole. At less than $200, the Silver Black Spinel Choker With Chain makes a great choice.
  4. Bold Color - The popularity of colored stones continues to soar. It’s not a surprise once you take into account that colorful stones (and colorful jewelry) are both beautiful and valuable. As women start to become more and more acclimated to bold color pattern, the more their eyes will adjust to boldly colored jewelry. Jaimie Nicole has an entire collection dedicated to bold colors - the Color Crush collection. Consider the Fort Stack, for example. This set of 17 bracelets is loaded with cool hues: onyx, turquoise, sodalite, and green onyx. This everyday, luxury jewelry, and other handmade bracelets can only be found at Jaimie Nicole.
  5. Asymmetry - As with bold color, we’ve also seen a trend with jewelry designs now being created with the concept of asymmetry. This might consist of earrings with reversed stone orientation between left and right, or even as bold as two incredibly different earrings combining to form a pair. It comes down to the fact that women crave their own personal style, whether it be with their clothing or jewelry. They embrace a style that’s uniquely them rather than falling into the same boat with a number of women.
At Jaimie Nicole, our goal is to provide a variety of jewelry options to women. Jaimie’s one-of-a-kind collections are influenced by the vibrant cultures she is exposed to in her native Miami. When you shop her products, you’ll see that her pieces reflect an unrivaled blend of everyday luxury and simplicity. Our team creates jewelry that you’ll feel good about wearing not just in 2017, but for years and years. Shop our products today.

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