Fabulous Florals!

There are certain beloved trends that withstand the test of time. Florals are an iconic, albeit cliche, symbol of seasons changing and the emergence of warmer weather. It is a joyful time, and that mood tends to translate into the way we dress and accessorize ourselves. 

At Jaimie Nicole, we absolutely love and embrace this feminine aesthetic and encourage you to embrace the myriad of floral jewelry designs that will be flooding your social media in the coming weeks, if they aren't already! If you are interested in learning more about the evolution of the floral jewelry trend, keep on scrolling.

For centuries the beauty of nature has provided inspiration for jewelry makers, particularly the plants and flowers we find all around us. Floral jewelry lends an air of romance and adds a delicate feminine touch to any look it is paired with. Many people opt for floral jewelry when getting married, at music festivals (can someone say flowers crowns?), and a variety of many other occasions.

Naturally when you have a specific theme that has been around for so long, creative minds will want to mix it up and alter certain aspects of their designs. There are so many ways to depict the floral jewelry trend! The images above show a more natural representation, while in contrast the image to the right shows off the ways in which modern designers use luxury materials such as diamonds and precious metals.

When thinking of flower jewelry, an obvious example that comes to mind is the flower crown. Although this now trendy and fashionable accessory seems to have had a recent resurgence in popularity, flower crowns have been used for the purpose of accessorizing for centuries!

In Ancient Greece, flower crowns were a popular accessory worn on special occasions to honor the gods. Later, laurel leaf crowns became more common and were used to award army soldiers to honor their achievements. 

The ancient Romans maintained the idea of the crown as a reward for a victory. Leaders and military personnel wore crowns made of oak, laurel, or myrtle. The grass crown was the greatest military honor. 

Currently, flower crowns are associated most frequently with celebrations such as music festivals and those who embrace the "boho chic" look. Even celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens have taken a liking to this pretty adornment!

So you may be asking yourself "What does all of this have to do with Jaimie Nicole?". Well, we are very happy you asked! Not only do we already have a variety of floral inspired pieces, but we also want to encourage you to stay tuned for a very exciting upcoming release that we have scheduled! If you have been a Jaimie Nicole shopper for some time, then you know that we love all things sparkle, and we can promise you that this latest launch will absolutely glisten and shine. What better way to incorporate this timeless trend into your wardrobe?


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