Charming Charms

Hello lovelies! Today we wanted to bring you some lighthearted inspiration on one of our absolute favorite topics at Jaimie Nicole: charm bracelets! If you have been a JN shopper for some time, then you will know that our beaded bracelets are the very reason this company began! We want to share a fun little anecdote with you. The Jaimie Nicole origin story, if you will.

Our founder and head designer Jaimie Nicole Shepard has very small wrists. She had always had trouble finding bracelets that would fit her wrist correctly and not slip off or hang awkwardly. So, being the problem solver that she is, she decided to go ahead and make her own bracelets, to ensure they would be the right size for her!

Jaimie hitting the streets of NYC in the Sway This Way Chain Lariat Necklace

Our Extra Large Baller Bracelets are Jaimie's perfect finishing touch

From there, Jaimie Nicole has evolved into the jewelry brand that it is today. A typical women’s bracelet usually measures about seven inches. Here at Jaimie Nicole, our standard bracelet size is six and a half inches. What is so fabulous about our bracelets is that they are all handmade right in our Coral Gables showroom. What that means for you is that if you find that your bracelet is not fitting exactly the way that you want it to, just send it right over and we will gladly adjust the size by adding or subtracting however many beads necessary.

Consider this blog your guide for how to style and incorporate these beaded charm bracelets into your everyday look.

We think charm bracelets are the best way to add a personal touch into your bracelet stack. The Spell It Out Gold Initial Bracelet, a recent addition to the Jaimie Nicole family, makes it SO easy to procure a unique bracelet stack that is individual to you. P.s they make great gifts!!

When creating your perfect bracelet stack, as seen in the picture above, mixing in bracelets made of different sized beads is a MUST! Our Ready, Set, Stack Bracelet Set is a great beginner's piece when creating the arm party of your dreams. Next, decide which size Baller Bracelet tickles your fancy and keep adding from there! All bracelets are available in your choice of sterling silver, 14k gold filled, or rose gold filled. 

We can't get enough of dainty, dangling charms lately! The Let's Hang Charm Bracelet, a Jaimie Nicole best-seller, is a playful addition to any bracelet lover's wrist. We love the way it adds a little something sparkly to anything you pair it with. This beautiful bracelet is available in gold, silver, or rose gold. There are countless ways in which you can incorporate this into your stack. Check out our styling inspo for some ideas!

The Eye Candy Charm Bracelet, a variation on this design, is another fun option for incorporating this dangling charm trend into your look. This bracelet is available in gold, silver, or rose gold as well. See images provided for ideas on how to mix up your style!




As you can imagine, we have only begun to scratch the surface of our charm bracelet selection. If you find yourself having difficulties deciding which bracelet is right for you, shoot us an email at We are here to help with your jewelry needs. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, send you some pictures of our personal favorites and the way we recommend wearing them, or whatever you think will help guide you to the jewelry that brings a smile to your face. 


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