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Hello everyone! We hope you are having a fabulous February so far. As per usual, we've been buzzing around creating new and wonderful pieces of jewelry to bring to you! This blog will be all about one of our latest obsessions: the Tennis Bracelet. We were just as curious as you may be to find out how this term originated and became a staple in many women's jewelry boxes. If this sounds like something that piques your interest, then just sit back, relax, and continue reading!

Let's begin with the basics. What is a tennis bracelet? A tennis bracelet most commonly refers to a flexible bracelet, made in a variety of metals, with one or more rows of precious gemstones or diamonds. 

The term was coined by renowned tennis player Chris Evert (pictured left) who had a prolific tennis career between the years of 1972-1989.

There is a well known story as to how this bracelet got its name. At the 1987 U.S. Open, Chris was playing in a hotly contested game. She suddenly stopped mid-match and asked the officials for a time out. The reason: the clasp on her diamond bracelet had broken and the bracelet had fallen off her wrist. She had to find it before playing the next point! When asked about it in an interview, she called the missing piece of jewelry her “tennis bracelet,” and thus, the iconic name was born.

The slender design of a tennis bracelet makes it ideal for sporty women whose active lifestyle doesn't lend itself to the wearing of bangles or heavy jewelry. The bracelet is lightweight and flexible, making it less likely to get banged or dinged when playing a sport such as tennis.

If you are someone who leads an active lifestyle, and this is one of the reasons you are drawn to the design of the tennis bracelet, it is important that you always check the strength of the clasp before purchasing your ideal tennis bracelet to avoid replicating the famous mishap that gave this gorgeous bracelet it's name. 

If you have been following Jaimie Nicole for some time, then you know that we are all about bracelet stacking and layering. Naturally, we want to give you some styling inspiration so you can start to work this classic bracelet into your very own stack! 

We think tennis bracelets add a brilliant pop of sparkle to anything you pair them with. We suggest mixing them in with one of our Ready, Set, Stack Bracelet Sets in whichever color suits you best! Another alternative is adding a personal touch with a variety of charm bracelets. We have SO many to choose from. We have no doubt you will find one that fits your personality and sense of style.


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