What Size Baller Bracelet is Right For Me?

Ball bracelets have quickly risen to the top of every fashionista's "it" list lately. We at Jaimie Nicole have been fans of this simple, yet bold bracelet style for quite some time now. With the addition of our Baller Bracelets into your jewelry collection, you'll be stacking like a pro in no time!


If you are a bracelet stacking beginner, it is natural to wonder, "How do I decide which Baller Bracelet is the right size for me?" We are here to help you create your very own, unique arm party that you can wear with confidence! 

Our Baller Bracelets range in size from Extra Small (4mm) to Extra Extra Large (12mm). We have created a convenient size guide, which can be found on any of our bracelet product pages, to give you a better idea of the different sizes available within the Baller collection.

Every size you see in the sizing guide above, with the exception of size extra extra small, is sold individually. Because they are so neutral, these stylish ball bracelets are meant to complement a variety of different pieces, easily making them one of the most versatile pieces you will own. All are available in your choice of 14k gold filled, sterling silver, or 14k rose gold filled.

When creating your perfect bracelet stack, mixing different size beads is a MUST! We recommend starting with our best-selling Ready, Set, Stack Bracelet Set (extra extra small) and building from there! One of our personal go-to stacks consists of one Ready, Set, Stack Bracelet Set, four Small Baller Bracelets, and one Medium Baller Bracelet in the middle. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to this of course, so we encourage you to play around until you find what feels and looks best to you! If this stack is screaming your name, check out our Golden Girl Stack, pre-curated and hassle free.

The most recent addition to our Baller family is the Extra Large Baller Bracelet. This gorgeous beaded bracelet makes a bold statement on it's own! Jaimie loves to stack multiple Extra Large Ballers in mixed metals for a look that truly stands out and matches with just about anything you pair it with. 

For those of you who enjoy a little more color in your arm party, our Party of 6 Bracelet Sets (available in 14k gold filled or sterling silver) may be a better option as a base. We have so many different colored gemstones for you to choose from, we guarantee you'll find the one that makes your heart sing. We love incorporating Baller Bracelets into these sets, just to add a little dimension and variation. 

We hope this blog has provided you with some inspiration and guidance when it comes to building your very own unique beaded bracelet stack. We would love to see what you guys come up with, so please feel free to share your looks and tag us! We look forward to re-opening the doors to our Coral Gables showroom very soon, and will continue to provide you with fun and inspiring content until then. If you have any styling questions, or any questions at all don't hesitate to reach out! We can be reached via email at designs@jaimienicole.com, or via phone at 305-351-7704. Until next time!


Jaimie Nicole