Why Buy Sterling Silver?

Hello world! Today we wanted to take a little time to provide you with some important information about one of our most used materials : sterling silver. Most people don't know the reasons that sterling silver is used in most fine, as well as costume jewelry, instead of pure silver. 

Many people actually believe that sterling silver is not good quality and should not be considered "fine jewelry" because of the fact that it is not pure. We are here to dispel these many myths that you may have heard about sterling silver and explain the reasons that you should be adding this wonderful metal to your jewelry collection! 

Sterling silver is comprised of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metal alloys (usually copper). What is an alloy you may ask? An alloy is a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements. When looking into purchasing sterling silver jewelry, always make sure to look for an engraving of "925" on your jewelry. This will ensure that you are in fact buying the real thing.

 Sterling silver is a soft metal that is easy to work with, but it is strong enough to hold up well in jewelry and other items. Pure silver is extremely soft, and it would be bent out of shape and banged up in no time. 

One of the main reasons that sterling silver is such a well loved metal among jewelry lovers is it's durability. Any savvy jewelry aficionado knows that, if taken care of properly, a piece of sterling silver jewelry can last you a life time! Here are some quick tips for taking care of your sterling silver jewelry.

• Make sure to store your jewelry in a jewelry box. Moisture and salt encourage the appearance of tarnish so make sure you keep your jewelry as dry as you possibly can. Do not store jewelry in the bathroom.

• All sterling silver naturally tarnishes or oxidizes over time. Prolonged exposure to the air and your body’s natural chemistry can expedite this process.

• Avoid direct contact with showers, perfume, lotion, chlorine, and bleach.

• Storing silver jewelry in an air tight container will slow the oxidation process.

• If you notice some tarnish starting to build on your silver jewelry, simply purchase a microfiber cleaning cloth or a special jewelry cloth and gently polish your silver pieces back to perfection!

Another little known fact about sterling silver is that it is actually hypoallergenic. This is a great reason to invest in some sterling silver pieces. 

Up to 10% of people are allergic to nickel, but the percentage can go up to 20 among women because of exposure to this metal in jewelry. A nickel allergy can result in frustrating symptoms, such as irritated and itchy skin and scabbing.

Other inexpensive metals like brass can also cause an allergic skin reaction, causing redness, swelling and blisters. Even if you've never experienced a reaction, the threat of a nickel or brass allergy is enough to make most people steer clear of the metals.

Sterling silver is a perfect hypoallergenic alternative. It's much less likely to cause an allergic reaction than nickel or brass, which means you can wear pieces of sterling silver jewelry without risk of infection or irritation. This quality is especially important when wearing accessories like earrings, which remain in constant contact with the skin.

We hope this guide to sterling silver has been helpful to you. If you want to learn more, or want to check out some of the sterling silver options that Jaimie Nicole has available for you, don't hesitate to stop by our Coral Gables showroom! We are located at 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd suite 305 in Coral Gables, Fl 33146. We are here Monday- Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. We would absolutely love to continue to provide any guidance you may need. Until next time!


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