Eye See You Summer

Hello again, and I hope you are having a great summer so far! We have a very exciting NEW launch in store for you. It’s no secret that the most exciting days here at Jaimie Nicole are the days for new product launches. Our newest additions to the JN family will be sure to have you jumping for joy. Introducing the Multi Evil Eye Charm Bracelet and Multi Evil Eye Charm Choker! These whimsical new pieces are so much fun, and we have been rocking them non-stop on our travels and daily lives. Both designs are available in your choice of 14k gold filled, sterling silver or 14k rose gold filled. The dangling charms add a festive and playful vibe to any look you pair it with. We just can’t get enough of them! Here is a little bit of history on the evil eye, an ancient talisman that has been around for centuries. Throughout history the evil eye has been perceived as both a curse and a powerful protective symbol.  As a curse, the evil eye is most commonly attributed to envy, cast unintentionally by looking at or excessively praising a person, particularly a child, for too long. However, the term may also refer to a stronger, more intentional curse cast on a victim by the owner of a magical eye. As a protective symbol, the evil or all-seeing eye, wards against evil and protects the wearer from harm. The origin of the evil eye can be traced back at least three thousand years to the region of Sumer in Mesopotamia, but probably has much older origins.  Belief in the evil eye was spread to the east as far as India by Alexander the Great, and to the south and north by the Roman Empire centuries later and persisted well into the middle ages in England and Celtic parts of Europe. Today, belief in the evil eye is widespread across the Middle East, West Africa, Central America and Mexico, Central Asia and many parts of Europe, especially the Mediterranean. In Islamic culture, Muhammad stated "the influence of an evil eye is a fact...” while in Judaism the evil eye is mentioned several times in classical texts including the Old Testament. Even today the blue and green eyes of northern Europeans may be regarded with suspicion by southern Europeans and Turks, while in Western culture the phrase “to give someone the evil eye” has entered the lexicon of common parlance, even if it only means to stare at a person in anger or disgust. If dangling charms aren’t really calling to you but you love the idea of protecting yourself in style, then we have many other evil eye options for you! For those who have been loving the current rainbow trend, our Rainbow Evil Eye will hit the spot! Featuring a 14k gold filled evil eye connector that’s bursting with multi-colored cubic zirconia, this beaded charm bracelet is the unexpected pop of color that will complete your favorite look. Available in your choice of 14k gold filled or sterling silver. If you like to keep it classic, then our Open CZ Evil Eye Charm Bracelet is your perfect match. This stunner is available in your choice of 14k gold filled, sterling silver, or 14k rose gold filled. Keep those bad vibes away in style girl! Featuring a sterling silver evil eye our Eye Love Blue Charm Bracelet wards off evil spirits with an explosion of blue cubic zirconia. This sparkling protective charm comes in your choice of 14k gold filled, sterling silver or 14k rose gold filled. With so many amazing choices we know it will be hard for you to pick just one! If you need our help in choosing the evil eye charm bracelet that is just right for you, please feel free to come see us at our Coral Gables showroom, located at 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd suite 305. We love nothing more than seeing our clients walk away with a beautiful bracelet stack and a smile on their face. Until next time! Xo, Jaimie Nicole

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