Hello everyone! Today is a very special day because it is the one and only Jaimie Nicole Shepards birthday. In honor of our founders birthday we have put together a list of 33 questions for you, our loyal customers, to get to know her a little better. To show our appreciation for you we have also selected 10 very special pieces that are discounted at 33% off, today only! So hurry to our sale section and get to shopping! Q:  A little bird told me it is someone’s birthday today, whose is that A:  Mine ? Q:  How old are you turning today? A:  33 Q:  How will you be celebrating? A:  DINNER with my husband and bowling with friends this weekend! Q:  Best birthday experience you have ever had? A:  When I turned 10 years old my family threw me a surprise party! Q:  Lets get to know the birthday girl shall we? A:  SURE Q:  Where are you from? A:  MIAMI Q:  Favorite color? A:  BLUE Q:  What made you become a jewelry designer? A:  Selfish desire for cool beaded jewelry at an affordable price point. + I have tiny wrists and no bracelets fit. Q:  Jewelry piece you can’t walk out the door without? A:  Bracelets – all about the arm party! Q:  If you weren’t designing jewelry what would you be doing? A:  Selling airplane parts – long story... Q:  What inspires you? A:  I love the vibrant city I live in! Q:  Favorite restaurant in Miami? A:  Mi Rinconcito on 8th street – a little hole in the wall Mexican gem! Q:  Favorite thing to eat? A:  Chicken Parm + Pickles! Q:  Go-to workout? A:  Anything that involves dancing! Q:  Best advice you have ever gotten? A:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Q:  Hidden talent? A:  My fingers are double jointed.. Q:  You recently got hitched, what is your favorite memory of the night? A:  Dancing with my husband! And listening to him serenade me with a rap song. Q:  Where’s the honeymoon? A:  Africa! Q:  If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? A:  Close to my family and friends Q:  If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? A:  If I were a superhero, I’d make sure everyone on this planet was never hungry! Q:  Women empowerment, all about it? A:  100%! We are all a team. The only way we succeed is to stick together! Q:  We know you love to shop – what is your biggest indulgence besides jewelry? A:  Shoesss! Q:  Heels or sneakers? A:  Sneakers Q:  Favorite pair? A:  These multi color striped sneakers that my husband Brett gave me for my birthday this year. Thanks        honey! Q:  Best advice for a new business owners or designer? A:  Stay true to yourself, believe in yourself and keep moving forward! Q:  Lots of exciting things happening for Jaimie Nicole this year, what are you looking forward to the most? A:  Ohhh...you have to stay tuned to find out. I promise it is definitely worth the wait! Q:  So you have a big sale going on today to celebrate you birthday? A:  Yesssss...today is a day to celebrate! Q:  What is the sweet deal? A:  33% off some of favorites, TODAY ONLY! Q:  If you only were able to purchase one thing from the sale what would it be? A:  How about two things? I would buy the set of 6 in your favorite metal tone. We consider our modern        version of the bangle, great for stacking. And the starburst necklace - that can be worn from jeans to          black tie. Q:  How would you style it? A:  BOTH work from day to day to night from workout gear to dresses! If you want to see a video of this interview head over to our Facebook page where it will be posted for all to see! We hope you have enjoyed this look into Jaimie's world and that you find a spectacular treat for yourself during this flash sale. You deserve it! Xo, Jaimie Nicole      

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