[gallery ids="2835,8973,8980,8979,7080,8977,8974,8364,4564,8976,4874,6902,8963"] With the crisp, Fall weather approaching, we find ourselves embracing a more covered up look with chunky sweaters and long sleeve blouses.  However, for those of us addicted to accessorizing, we can’t imagine hiding all our jewels!  As you pile on the layers this season, add something extra with our newest obsession, LUXE.  Inspired by the resurgence of renaissance fashion photography and the rich color scheme that makes elegance trendy again, this new collection features gold, blue and green hues that are balanced by a selection of grey tones.  From dainty chain pieces paired with long beaded necklaces for layering, to diamonds that add a little sparkle, these neutral pieces are the epitome of everyday luxury.  Is it too early to start asking for holiday gifts?! Because these pieces have us adding to our wish lists awfully fast.  Head on over to to see the full collection and stock up today!  

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