Closet Confessions

[gallery ids="9013"] It is always a pleasure when our customers share their love of Jaimie Nicole.  Recently one of our favorite customers, Fortunee Romano from Weston, FL expressed her admiration for the brand. "I was introduced to Jaimie Nicole's jewelry collection 2 years ago when my sister gave me some of her bracelets as a birthday gift. I fell in love instantly. Her jewelry is elegant, unique, stylish, and just so much fun to wear, day or night.” She also gave us an exclusive sneak peek of her ever growing Jamie Nicole collection and added, “I have a jewelry drawer just for Jaimie Nicole, and I'm working my way onto the second drawer. Jaimie Nicole jewelry is truly one of a kind." We are truly over the moon.  Feedback like this gives us further inspiration to design unique, wearable pieces. We look forward to helping her build up that second drawer!

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