Layer Up

Hello beauties! This week we will be discussing a very fabulous topic: necklaces. How can your outfit be complete without an amazing necklace to give it that finishing touch? Here at Jaimie Nicole we have so many unique and versatile necklaces for you to choose from, you won’t be able to pick just one! Let’s discuss the history of this must-have accessory. Many people are surprised to learn that the invention of the necklace actually predates the invention of the first writing in Near Eastern civilizations. The earliest known necklaces hail from the Stone Age, making then some 40,000 years old, and they were crafted entirely from natural materials such as vine or animal sinew. These flexible lengths could then be decorated with shells or similarly decorative paraphernalia to present more striking visual themes. The scope for more advanced necklaces relied heavily on the development of weaving and string; although it was the progress represented by cloth working and metalworking that truly drove the craft onwards. Metalworking first appeared around 8,700 BC, and when combined with twine and string it allowed necklaces to achieve increasingly complex and intricate forms. Greater control over the casting of specific shapes first appeared in the Bronze Age, when freshly melted metals were used to create a range of distinct necklaces for both prestigious male and female persons alike. It was also this level of expertise that brought about the first known chains. When this proficiency with metal was joined by additional trade skills such as gem cutting and glassblowing, necklaces began to reach the decorative heights that they have sustained into the present day. Throughout history necklaces have also been important forms of communication for people. In the past necklaces could be used to communicate things such as wealth, power, affiliation, prestige, levels of resources and skill, and elements of identity and position. Necklaces were made to display appropriate decorative and stylistic features through each period and from region to region. Each period also has some influence upon those following, and revivals of styles, such as classic Greek and Roman necklaces or Egyptian beadwork collars, are prevalent. During the Middle Ages, jewelry became a more integral element of dress, and necklaces replaced brooches as the primary form of jewelry in the late Gothic and Renaissance periods. Necklaces set with gemstones and heavy gold chain necklaces with pendants were in style as a distinction of wealth and social status from the fourteenth to the early seventeenth centuries. Here at Jaimie Nicole we are innovators and love to bring creativity to each design that we introduce. Our spring 2018 collection was the beginning of our transition from beaded necklaces to effortless chain necklaces. But bead lovers, do not worry! We will still have our signature beaded necklaces that you have come to love. We feel that this is a direction that will take us even further and we are listening to the wants and needs of our clients. Chain necklaces are modern, versatile and very easy to layer. Our main goal here at Jaimie Nicole is to provide our clients with easy and stylish pieces that you can add to any outfit and take your look to the next level. We want all of our ladies to feel confident and put together! Our chain necklaces come in a variety of lengths and in our upcoming holiday collection we will even have a chain lariat, something completely new and different for us. Some chain necklaces that we absolutely LOVE include our Warm and Cool Pendant Charm Necklaces. These easy, breezy necklaces are great to wear alone or perfect for layering with each other. They also make amazing gifts, given their reasonable price point. Another wonderful chain option is our Multi Use Stone Long Chain Necklace. This necklace is truly one of the most versatile pieces at Jaimie Nicole. What makes this necklace so spectacular is the many ways in which it can be worn. We chose to use two magnetic clasps, strategically placed so that this necklace can be transformed into different styles and even broken up and worn as two separate necklaces! You will never get bored of this piece, and we can guarantee that you will constantly find creative new ways to integrate it into your wardrobe. Check out our product spotlight blog so you can get educated on the different ways to wear this stand out necklace.   If you find yourself in the area and want to come take a look at all of our amazing necklaces, please feel free to stop by our Coral Gables showroom. We would love for you to see for yourself all of the great designs and goodies that we have in store for you! We are located at 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd Coral Gables, Fl 33146 suite 305. You will not regret it!   Xo, Jaimie Nicole

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