Ring Ring Ring!

Hello gorgeous! Today’s blog will be on the topic of rings. At Jaimie Nicole we are known for stacking and layering, and we especially love to stack our rings up high! We are sure that no matter what the occasion, you will always be able to find that perfect ring to light up your finger and make it like the icing on a cake. We also wanted to educate you on the history of this magnificent accessory. An atmosphere of magic and charm has always surrounded rings. There has been a strong belief that both good and bad spirits inhabited rings. One of the many charges against Joan of Arc was that she owned “rings of magic”. Because of this feeling, it has been speculated that the greater use of rings was the outcome of convenience. The faith in the curative powers of stones and the protective powers attributed to some of them, induced their owners to carry the stones by setting them in circles of gold, silver, or bronze to be worn on their fingers. For instance, amethysts were supposed to keep one sober and turquoise would change color in the presence of poison. Rings were extremely popular among the Romans. There were certain rules in the fashion of rings which were strictly observed. Plain signets and bronze rings were worn on either hand, but rings set with stones were considered effeminate if worn on the right hand (by the way a signet is a ring with letters, such as initials or other designs).  Gold rings could be worn on certain occasions, but they were set aside for iron signet rings when one attended a funeral. Wealthy Romans had rings that fit the seasons, with thin ones for summer and large imposing ones for winter. These large rings were most often hollow and could be easily crushed. Annulus natalitus were Roman birthday rings, only to be worn to celebrate one’s birthday. It was also the custom for the matron of a roman household to wear a ring with a small key attached. This was a symbol of her authority over the house. By the middle of the first century, the fashion was to wear an extravagant amount of jewelry. Rings fit into this fashion by being worn on every finger, with different sizes for each section of the finger. As rings began to take on more purposes, they are more clearly defined according to what they were used for, instead of the period in which they were found. The first practical use of rings was the signet or seal ring. They developed into full use under the Romans as a method of marking official parchment documents, taking the place of a man’s personal signature. The signet ring carried over in the Elizabethan times, for every merchant had his own distinctive seal with which to mark his bales of merchandise. Rings worn simply for beauty became established in the eighteenth century. Rings became the vogue, especially after the development of the marquise setting. This gave the jeweler the opportunity to set in the bezel large cameos of Wedgwood, jasper gems, and rare clusters of diamonds arranged in oval or oblong shapes. Here at Jaimie Nicole we are ring stacking obsessed! We cannot get enough of this trend and we have so many different options that will fit many different personalities and styles. First, we HAVE to talk about adjustable rings. Knowing that pesky ring size can be a hassle, especially when it comes to gifting. We have a variety of adjustable rings to fit every mood and style. One of our best-sellers is our Pearl Cubic Zirconia Adjustable Cluster Ring. We love the three freshwater pearls that each have a cubic zirconia in the middle. We like to think of it as a modern twist on the classic pearl. Every ring in our spring 2018 collection is adjustable as well. Each ring has one of the many stones that we featured within the collection and were designed to be stacked and worn together. A perk of adjustable rings is that you can wear them on different parts of your finger and since the size is adjustable you will always get that perfect fit.  In this collection we have grouped the colors into two separate categories: warm hues and cool hues. This is a great way to break up the rings and stack them if you think that six rings is too much for you. The warm hues consist of blue chalcedony, beer quartz, and carnelian. The cool hues consist of pink opal, peridot, and quartz.   If you are more of a bling bling kind of girl, then wait until you see some of the sparkly options we have to offer. Our pave rings are available in 14k gold filled, sterling silver, 14k rose gold filled, and black cubic zirconia. They are perfect for those occasions when you just want to shine a little brighter. If a statement ring is more your style, then head over to our starburst ring section. These rings feature our best-selling signature design and are absolutely covered in cubic zirconia. Our color band rings are the best for stacking. They are thin and feature one row of beautiful cubic zirconia. The best part about these rings is all the colors that they come in! They are available in orange, purple, blue, green, turquoise, pink, and black. And our newest addition the family is a multi-color one!! The possibilities with these bad boys are endless and we know that you will just keep finding more and more ways to mix it up and keep creating amazing looks. We hope you enjoyed learning about rings and remember we are here to help with any of your jewelry needs. If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by our Coral Gables showroom. We would love to play and show you all the goodies that we have in stock here! And keep in mind that we have one of a kind pieces that are not available online in our showroom. You really never know what treasures you will walk out of here. We are located at 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd Coral Gables, Florida 33146 suite 305. Can’t wait to see you! Xo, Jaimie Nicole  

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